Portal Update 23rd July

Release 16

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Whats in Release 16

  • Updates to the payment section, this allows the administrators of the portal to provide specific information for each Council. This will ensure customers are getting the right information when the notification comes out from your Council.
  • Bug fix for form validation, the last release added validation to form fields to ensure the data collected is correct for integrated Council. A bug was found  when pulling information through for amendments or copying from previous applications where the application was done prior to the validation being put in place. The hidden field will no longer be applicable if they are not selected by the customer.
  • New – a new bit of functionality will be introduced into this release around document handling. The document handling process will allow documents to be provided outside of the normal RFI process, the documents will enter a pending state once submitted and need to be accepted or rejected by the Council before entering the system and entering the integration process to Council. Notifications have been set up so that both the Councils and customers are aware of new documents, it is important to note that Councils will need to make a decision on these documents so please ensure staff are aware of this change. The process has been introduced to ensure documents aren’t being managed outside of the portal I.e. emails. This is creating the same facility as a customer walking off the street to supply further information if they are required to.
  • Completed payment field has been created, this provides better visibility for the Council and the customer of completed transactions. The API for the portal has also been extended to provide third party systems the payment information, this will allow for the process to be automated where a payment is required before the status can be moved forward I.e. granted to issued. This will also provide third party systems the ability to release documents at certain stages where a payment is the only outstanding item.
  • UI Changes Customers - collaboration visibility and the menu for customers has been improved in this release, a widget has been introduced for the last 5 collaborators and the menu has been updated to provide a better user interface.
  • New – The vetting process has been updated to link the sections of the form to the SRFI, this will help Councils and customers to understand what section of the form the SRFI is related to when replying. 
  • New – Quick application process, this has been designed specifically for Councils to add an application into the portal where a paper based application is either mailed or dropped into the Council. This allows Councils to push all applications i.e. paper or electronic through a single channel. The process has been designed to get owners and customers involved, it is important to note that the use of this will require some process changes at your Council. However, it will help to make the process much more efficient by pushing everything through a single channel.
  • New - Changes to the who’s involved in the build section have been made, this is the first step in this space to improve the way the information is captured. We will be introducing new features in the coming months around integration to the likes of the LBP register, this will ensure all data is from the source when the customer is adding detail to the form. We will also look to extend this out to capturing better information for certificate of design work and records of work in future releases.

For more details about the update please click here for the release notes.

Coming soon

We are improving the support online, we will be adding a support page for Councils soon. The support page will be used to provide useful information such as the user guides for the portal, information relating to frequesntly asked questions and you will be able to submit support requests and send improvement ideas through. We will continue to add to the support information once it is up and running.

Thank you from the team for your ongoing support.