Portal Update 23rd July 2018

Release 16

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WHATS IN RELEASE 16 (Updated 23rd July)

NEW - the introduction of a document handling process has been introduced for the consenting stage, just over a month ago we stopped documents being uploaded at any stage of the consent as it was creating issues around managing documents. Documents can now be uploaded at any stage of a consent, however they will now enter a pending state. The document will then need to be either accepted or rejected by the Council. You will be provided with notifications for either scenario and Councils will need to provide a reason if the document is rejected.

Update 23-07-2018 (Full Details Here)

The consent document upload process has been modified to ensure RFI documents are managed in a way that works for everyone involved. A selection has been added during the RFI attachment process to allow documents to be uploaded as an "RFI Attachment" rather than additional information. If you are uploading documents outside of the normal RFI process it is suggested that you discuss with Council in the first instance and provide a detailed reason for the additional information to avoid delays in re-processing.

New - update to the way information is displayed in the portal forms part of this release, the two key changes are the menu on the right hand side of the main dashboard window and a new collaboration widget has been introduced, The widget allows you to see the last 5 submissions or consents that have a collaboration attached to them.

New - SRFI will now be linked to the section of the form it relates to, you will now get a heading in the SRFI for which it was created i.e. "who's involved in the build"

There is a change to the form in this release also, the change is to the section "who's involved in the build" we have updated the section to allow information to be displayed in a better way. The change also allows us to improve the section in coming releases, watch this space as there are some exciting changes that will improve the way you will enter information in future releases.

We have also dealt with a number of minor bugs as part of this release.

To find out more click here for a more detailed version of the changes.

Thank you from the team for using the portal and we hope that these changes are an improvement on the portal.