We’re changing our name!

Simpli Logo Teal Large RGB

GoShift is about to change its name: as of 1 October, GoShift will become Simpli.

Why are we rebranding? We’ve taken on board the feedback we’ve had from councils around the country about the GoShift brand. They told us GoShift is seen as a software system that is competing with industry vendors; that GoShift is only seen as an initiative for selected councils; that many do not realise our products are scalable across any size council; and the perception that GoShift is part of the GoGet offering.

Our new name reflects what we are trying to achieve, by making the consenting process simpler and faster. Our focus is connecting industry and we will continue to build strong partnerships across the whole industry.

We will be delivering you the same support and same products, but under our new name.

For your everyday work, nothing will change – the website and portal links will all auto-redirect to our new website (simpli.govt.nz).

If you need to contact us, we have a new email: info@simpli.govt.nz. The contact form on the portal will still come through to us, if you make contact that way.

GoShift has been through a transformation this year, as we move to implementation and start to think about a national approach. With over 20 councils already involved, we are creating real change across the industry. There are more exciting opportunities on the horizon and more councils keen to join us.

Simpli: building consistency through collaboration.