Portal Update - Release 17

Release 17 Update

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An update has been performed on the portal, we have summarised the key changes below.

Form Changes

Building consent form

We’ve made some updates to the building consent forms. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Additional contacts have been added to all the forms where the contact isn’t the agent submitting the application.
  • The application for owner builder exemptions has been updated and additional guidance has been provided throughout all the forms.
  • We’ll automatically check your application for possible mistakes or missing information.
  • We’ve aligned the building code section with the MBIE website – links to their information is available from within the forms.
  • We may ask for more information about documents you upload to find out, for example, if there are structural requirements associated with the application.

Subsidiary forms (supporting application types)

  • Subsidiary forms are now linked to the original BC application and a new TAB called forms has been added. You can apply for all supporting applications to a building consent from the original application and it will automatically be linked to that application.
  • We’ll ask if your subsidiary form is part of an existing consent or a new one, so we can link to the information in the original application.
  • For subsidiary forms, we will fill out some of the information for you, based on what you entered for your building consent. If the original building consent was submitted outside the portal you’ll need to fill this out yourself.
  • We’ll copy the description of work and cost from the original application to amendments but you won’t be able to change it. If the work has changed, or the cost has increased / decreased, you’ll need to complete an additional section.
  • We’ll only ask questions that are relevant to you. Examples:
    • If you need an extension of time to start work we’ll ask for an expected start date and ask more questions to see if you need to talk to us.
    • We’ll only ask about work you have carried out or supervised if relevant.

Other Forms

An amendment form for solid fuel burners has been added, this will ensure the main building consent amendment isn’t required for solid fuel burner amendments.

Form field section highlighting

We’ve coloured some fields to highlight their status. Colours are:

  • grey when incomplete
  • green when fully complete
  • red if you miss a mandatory field and try to submit the form.
  • yellow to display whether a section is missing a mandatory field before the user submits the form.  If a user closes a section of the form that has a mandatory field that isn’t filled the section will change to yellow.

Note: In addition to this sections that have a SRFI raised against them will display yellow when returning to provide further information.

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New document upload process overview

You can now request to upload additional information at any stage of the consent, the request will be sent to the Council to decide if additional information can be sent.

To request an additional document to be uploaded you need to:

  1. Customers request upload button
  2. It is important that when requesting additional information to be uploaded that you put a valid reason for the request before sending.
  3. If your request to upload information is accepted, you’ll be notified and find an upload documents button on the documents list.
  4. You’ll get a selection of categories to upload against based on the application type.

Note: If your request is declined you will be notified with a reason why.


- 2

1/ request upload button in the documents TAB


- 3

2/ Customers request window

- 4

3/ Customers upload request accepted


- 5

4/ selections of categories


RFI document uploads

You can now upload documents at the RFI stage outside of the RFI response and link the document to the RFI. This is particularly useful if a document relates to more than one RFI

Documents uploaded as part of an RFI response will enter a ‘Pending Documents’ state. These will only be submitted to Council when all the RFI are completed and you send your response.

You can see a list of all previously uploaded documents and new pending documents on the RFI form and you can associate them with an RFI if you choose.

Each time the Council asks for more information it will be grouped into an RFI ‘round’. The information you upload will have the same ‘round’ number.

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1/ Where customers upload documents. Documents uploaded are pending until ‘Send Responses’ button is clicked
2/ ‘Send Responses’ button is only enabled once all RFIs have a response

Subsidiary forms

Subsidiary Applications: allows you to submit new applications through the consent after it has been lodged e.g. an amendment or a CCC application. The new application is tied back to the original consent and you can go back and forth between the two.

To submit a new subsidiary application you need to:

  1. Go to the forms tab and press New Submission;
  2. A popup will appear. Select the subsidiary submission you want
    • A new submission will be created, and the form will be prepopulated with any fields that have matching field names;
    • Fill out the form and submit it using the normal process.
  3. You can go back to the parent submission at any time using the link at the top of the page.
  4. If you’re applying for a subsidiary application using the existing process, you can select an existing consent that you have previously submitted.

 - 7

1/ New submisson



- 8

2/ popup of selection of forms


- 9
3/ Return to the main consent


- 10

4/ Create subsidiary application from the main menu and link to the main consent


Owner/Agent collaborators will be invited as a collaborator only when the submission is submitted to Council – not every time the submission is saved.



Help centre

A new help centre has been added, several helpful videos and articles have already been added. We will continue to grow the information in the help centre so you have all the information you need at hand.

To access the help centre click on the question mark next to your name at the top right-hand corner of the page.


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