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End of year news

2019 2020

The end of the year already...........

And what an interesting year it has been for Simpli, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

Our focus this year has been on the recruitment of new councils and implementation of our products. We have successfully recruited seven new councils, including our first BCA that isn’t a TA, Kainga Ora - Homes and Communities (previously known as Housing New Zealand).
We will continue to put effort into recruitment and implementation in 2020, however we recognise there is a lot of pressure on resourcing across the country so we will be looking at how we can leverage the systems that are already in place to alleviate some of this pressure now and into the future.

2020 will see the Simpli group expand to close to half of the councils (BCAs) in NZ. We anticipate 20 councils will be using the Simpli portal with a staggering 20,000 consents predicted through the portal every year. The numbers growing in the portal will have a positive impact for Simpli and what can be achieved moving forward.
We will also have at least 10 BCAs using the shared QMS in 2020. The shared QMS is one of the key catalysts for change, is a great example of collaboration across councils/BCAs and provides the foundation for future developments.
We eagerly look forward to next year and the opportunities the future holds for everyone involved.

We are also excited about the BRANZ research we are leading. In partnership with Third Bearing, we have received funding by BRANZ to research how connections between consenting systems and third party technology tools can help improve performance and productivity in the building and construction sector. This research has the potential to surface what the future of consenting may look like in coming years.
If you are interested, click (here) for a flyer with more information.

Finally, as you will all know, Master Business System Ltd, the creators of GoGet, has been acquired by Objective. Objective had previously acquired AlphaOne, the other predominant system in the market and, from our discussions with councils, there appears to be uncertainty about what this means for Simpli. We would like to reassure everyone, this is not the end of Simpli. We have had initial conversations with Objective which have been very positive. Objective has an almost uncanny desire to achieve the same outcomes as Simpli which will see national consistency achieved, collaboration between councils and most of all, the ability to make the process simpler and faster for everyone involved. Watch this space as we will have more information for everyone involved in the New Year.

All in all, it has been a great 2019 and we are super excited about what 2020 has to offer. We wish you all well over the Christmas period and hope you have a fabulous New Year. Thank you again all for your support throughout 2019 and we look forward to catching up in 2020.

Happy holidays

The Simpli Team