June Update

Blog 9

Online Service Pilot

The GoShift online service steering group met this month and decided to extend the formal Go-Live date. We’re taking a phased approach to go live, so that councils can make it available to more customers when they’re ready.

Nelson and Tasman started offering the service to more customers this week.

Customers involved in the trial are positive. Some of their comments are:

“It's really smart. Very intuitive. Very straightforward. Smart and very clean. Can't really do anything wrong or put anything in the wrong place. Loving using it. Feels right."

“Really like being able to build an application up over a few days rather than having to do it in one go.”

“Love it - saves so much money not printing things off and using paper or ink."

“A lot easier than doing a normal application. Just need to scan paperwork and have all ducks lined up at the start. Can't go through if haven't completed fields.”

Customers have also been asked about ways that the portal could be improved and these suggestions are being captured in our change register.



Quality managers met in mid-June to hold a workshop to develop a plan for this work stream.

There will be a three phase approach. Phase 1 is developing content for regs 8 – 18, phase 2 content for reg 7 - Performing building control functions and phase 3 is implementation.

Phase 1 will be complete by 31 March 2018 and full implementation by June 2020.

Wellington City Council has offered one of its staff members – Lloyd Pallesen – to the GoShift initiative to develop the content of the shared QMS in conjunction with all of the councils involved. Lloyd will work with the technical leadership group to focus on the best outcome for all councils.

The biggest benefit of the QMS is alignment.

QMS will contribute to alignment by standardising policy and procedures. QMS alignment will bring:

  • Consistent experience for all stakeholders
  • Opportunity to share resources – not just consenting staff, but also training resources, competency assessment, auditing, records and expert knowledge and experience.
  • A unified approach to accreditation
  • Continuous improvement to processes via a collaborative process improvement approach



Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft processing checklist.

The technical group will be asked to comment on the feedback and we will be running a webinar in the next couple of weeks to finalise the items raised.

The timeframes for the next steps are:

3 July – 14 July feedback worked through with the technical user group.

17 – 29 July final checklist provided to all councils ready for implementation.

As you can all appreciate this is a significant piece of work, the original plan was to get a final checklist out by the end of June but given that the technical group’s feedback is still needed, this will not now be possible. A final checklist should be produced by the end of July ready for implementation.

Once the checklist is finalised, work on implementation will start. The format of the checklist will be part of this process. At the workshop that was held in April, it was decided that this work would be done then rather than as part of developing the checklist itself. There are a number of factors that need to be worked through including what systems are being used, what would be the best format for a useable checklist and how the checklist is broken down into types of work etc.

The processing checklist, along with the standardised forms, will see councils working to a consistent standard, not only for customers, but also for councils and building consent teams.


MoUs will be sent to all councils soon. Ross and Steph continue to visit councils involved and providing demonstrations of the online service. Ross has also been meeting with councils who are not currently involved in GoShift but are keen to find out more about the work we are doing.