Blog 4


GoShift’s new chair is Upper Hutt City Council Chief Executive Chris Upton. Chris has taken over the role from Nelson City Council Chief Executive Clare Hadley.

Clare supported the team to deliver some great results including new standardised forms and an online application portal.

Chris is delighted to have the opportunity to continue the work she has started.


The government’s Better Public Services Programme has 10 key result areas. Result Area 9 - R9 - focuses on reducing the effort for business in dealing with government.

There are 44 initiatives which the 10 Better for Business agencies have committed to so they can achieve their vision of: ”Business gaining value from easy and seamless dealings with government”.

GoShift has now formalised our relationship with the R9 initiative and as part of this we provided our first quarterly reports this month. The report outlines what time and cost savings GoShift contributes as well as how it contributes to R9 themes – such as simplify the complex, digitise first.


GoShift has started using Zoom for virtual meetings. We are keen that participating councils are able to use this technology which makes it easier for us to all work together.

We encourage those of you working with us to talk to your IT teams to make sure you are able to use Zoom at your desktop.


The service will officially go live on 1 August.

Our pilot councils will be gradually starting to offer the service to more customers throughout August.

Customers continue to provide positive feedback about their experiences using the service.

“Good to have transparency - can see what's going on and track it - previously had no idea.”

“Loading and uploading documents saves so much time.”

“All the prompts are in the forms which is really useful.”

“It's great not having to print out paper. The office all works on computer so have all the info electronically and saved in PDFs, so makes it easy to put application together.”

“Much, much quicker than before.”

Customers' feedback on how to improve the portal are being captured in our change register.


The QMS steering group met in July to continue project set up.

There will be a three phase approach. Phase 1 is developing content for regs 8 – 18, phase 2 content for reg 7 - Performing building control functions and phase 3 is implementation.

The biggest benefit of the QMS is alignment.

QMS will contribute to alignment by standardising policy and procedures. QMS alignment will bring:

  • Consistent experience for all stakeholders
  • Opportunity to share resources – not just consenting staff, but also training resources, competency assessment, auditing, records and expert knowledge and experience.
  • A unified approach to accreditation
  • Continuous improvement to processes via a collaborative process improvement approach

The QMS will be developed in Promapp. GoShift councils will be given access to the Promapp environment to review drafts and provide feedback.


The final processing master checklist has now been finalised and is ready to go. The checklist that has been developed is the content only at this stage.

The implementation of the checklist is going to be determined by the systems you use and the capacity you have to make the changes. We also need to determine the best format for a useable checklist and how the checklist is broken down into the types of work etc. for those that aren't currently processing in an electronic environment.

The most likely break down of the types of work will be determined by the GoShift application types with an overlay of the complexity of work. We have this scheduled in the work plan and everyone will have a chance to have input into this.

It’s exciting to have this ready for implementation, although it may seem like a small step it does provide the platform for us to be innovative and much more efficient in the way we work.


MoUs have been sent to all GoShift councils. Ross and Steph continue to visit councils involved and provide demonstrations of the online service to those who are interested in the work we are doing.