August update



The GoShift team has been working with Promapp and is pleased to announce Promapp will generously support us by providing free resources and expertise until the end of March 2018 to help us to develop the QMS. 

Promappwhich is used by more than 60,000 users around the world, is process management software that helps companies build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository.  GoShift appreciates their generous support. 

GoShift councils will be given Promapp log on so that you can contribute to this important work stream.   


The QMS Technical Leadership Group (QMS TLG) met earlier this month and made good progress on drafts for regs 8, 9 and 10.  The next milestone is to have drafts for regs 11-15 ready for discussion at the meeting on 2 November. 

Promapp is being used to develop the regs for the QMS.  All members of the QMS TLhave access to the GoShift Promapp environment which is used to provide feedback on the regs as they are developed.   

We are currently in phase one of our three phase approach. Phase 1 is developing content for regs 8 – 18, phase 2 content for reg 7 - Performing building control functions and phase 3 is implementation.  

The biggest benefit of the QMS is alignment. 

QMS will contribute to alignment by standardising policy and procedures. QMS alignment will bring: 

  • Consistent experience for all stakeholders 

  • Opportunity to share resources – not just consenting staff, but also training resources, competency assessment, auditing, records and expert knowledge and experience. 

  • A unified approach to accreditation 

  • Continuous improvement to processes via a collaborative process improvement approach 


Online service up and running 

The online service went live on 1 August.  

Pilot councils are gradually introducing the service to more customers. 

More than 400 applications have been submitted since the trial started in April. Customers continue to provide positive feedback. 

Our website has been updated so that customers and councils can log on directly from the site to the online service. 



We held our first virtual monthly meeting using Zoom and those who took part found it useful. 

We encourage those of you working with us to talk to your IT teams to make sure you are able to use Zoom at your desktop.  


Coming up

Ross continues to visit councils involved and provide demonstrations of the online serviceHe is also working with councils outside of GoShift who have expressed an interest in the work we are doing.