November 2017 update


GoShift wins AGLIM award

The team is delighted that GoShift won the Excellence in Innovation Award at the Association of Local Government Information Management 's (ALGIM) annual conference. Ross says the win reflects the GoShift councils' commitment to a new way of working. Read more.

The entry highlighted that?innovation, not only in ways of working together but in technology, was essential if the initiative was to succeed.?

"GoShift’s key point of difference is that the 21 councils currently involved are all working together to achieve the project’s outcomes. GoShift also has the support of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment."

Examples of the innovation highlighted include: Zero development cost to councils for the online service, getting the input right before development, innovative technology, and the low cost.

Our collaborative approach was also highlighted. "The entire GoShift project is about collaboration. GoShift has been described as a "coalition of the willing."?

Our entry concluded that GoShift has proved:

  • Local and central government can work together to achieve significant improvements 
  • Multiple councils can collaborate on a single initiative 
  • A small innovative team can achieve a lot with a relatively small budget

Online service highlighted in the news

GoShift's online service was highlighted in a Sunday Star Times article about government services that can be used online. The article says that Like other New Zealand councils, the Wellington City Council has launched GoShift, an online system for building consents to be processed and completed without the need for screeds of paper or multiple visits.

UK applicant uses the online service

A person living in England has applied for building consent in Carterton using the GoShift online service. Read more.

Improvements to the online service

The team is constantly working to improve the online service for both customers and councils. When you are signed in, you can see the most recent updates for councils in the news section on the right -hand side of the page.
Customers can see improvements made for them in the same way when they are logged in.
Some of the improvements for customers in the last month are:

Notifications - Now when a company user submits an application, notifications will go to the person who submitted the application, not the company's primary user account.  

Download all – A download all documents button has been introduced, this will allow all documents to be downloaded to a single file. 

New Notes Section – A notes section has been introduced to the portal that allows customers to record information about the submission. 

We also reminded customers about the Christmas and New Year close down period. 

GoShift entity

The future of GoShift beyond June 2018 was discussed at the Programme Control Group meeting last Friday. There are a number of options for a future entity which require further exploration. A new operating model will need to be developed at the same time.

Tyson Smidt from Third Bearing is supporting GoShift by doing some work to look at the options for the future.

There are differing levels of benefits depending on how many of the tools councils adopt. The more tools that councils adopt, the greater the benefits.

Any future entity will need to be able to grow and adapt as GoShift grows.


Processes have been drafted for all regs, except 7.  All GoShift councils have been invited to review the processes via Promapp.  The Technical Leadership Group (TLG) is meeting in December to review feedback and baseline regs 8-18.  Development of reg 7 will start in the New Year.

Both MBIE and IANZ have agreed to review the processes to ensure they comply with the regs.  Once approved, the processes will be available to GoShift councils to implement. 

In the meantime, Western Bay of Plenty District Council is testing some of the processes within their QMS and Wellington City Council plans to implement and test the whole shared QMS (including reg 7) by the end of next year.

Discussions are being held with Promapp to look at licensing and roll out options.  The options will include councils that do and those that do not currently use Promapp.

A QMS Steering Group meeting was held after the PCG last week and implementation strategies were discussed.  It is likely the implementation plan will be based on the IANZ assessment schedule.

Holiday season

This will be the last monthly update for 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to wish, your teams, and your families a happy holiday season.

Thank you for your support this year and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

The GoShift office will be closed from Thursday 21 December and will re-open again on Monday 8 January.