October Update

Blog 6

“The Government supports GoShift because it’s a genuine initiative by people with skin in the game to improve the function of a nationally significant regulatory system.”

Chris Kane, Manager Sector Trends and Innovation Team, MBIE, said this at our launch in May. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the short video from the launch.

You can also read how Wairoa District Council is leading the way by being the first council to adopt the new GoShift building consent application forms.

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Wider cluster engagement
GoShift is actively working with other clusters to share work and learnings. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is holding a meeting with representatives from all the clusters next month.


RFP for the online service
The RFP is now closed. The evaluation panel is meeting at the end of October and it is expected that a vendor will be selected before Christmas.

Eight councils are taking part in the pilot which starts in March 2017.


Four councils have implemented the new standardised forms. At the last Programme Control Group meeting, it was agreed that each council would take individual responsibility for implementing the forms.

To support councils with this task, the project team has circulated a high level project plan with ideas for activities that need to be completed before the forms can go live.


Forms and checklists
At its meeting earlier this month, the Technical Leadership Group considered a number of change requests relating to the standardised forms. The following changes were approved:

  • Seismic Strengthening will be removed from Section 1 as a separate application type. It will remain in Section 2 as a sub-category option under 'Commercial'.
  • A number of minor changes have been made to the writeable PDFs housed on the GoShift website, to adapt them for online use.

Additional technical input is needed to look at the feedback received about the processing checklists. A specialist working group will be set up to look at this.

A working group will also be set up to look at the work the Mainland Cluster has done on inspection checklists to see how GoShift can benefit from their work and what, if any, additional work is required.

The Technical Leadership Group will meet again in the new year.

Data standards and quality management
Quality management systems are another area where the GoShift team will look at the work that other clusters have already done. A working group of quality managers will be set up to look at this.

Data standards for building consents are being developed and a draft data dictionary is now available, which is currently being reviewed by technical experts. These are an important foundation for all councils and will ensure that in the future councils can share expertise and resources regardless of what system they use.


What GoShift needs from you
We want to encourage more councils to be using the new GoShift application forms and guides that are now available at www.goshift.co.nz. Communications have been sent to building consent managers to support the introduction of the new forms along with a high level project plan. If you need more help or information to implement the new forms, please contact us.

Want to know more?
Contact us if you have any questions. And have a good look around the GoShift website too.