November Update

Blog 7


It's an exciting time in GoShift as we are close to choosing a company to provide the online service and seven councils now using the new standardised forms

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We are well on the way to choosing a company to supply the online service which will be a key tool to GoShift's success.

Once up and running, the online service will enable many of the initiative's benefits including sharing resource and expertise across participating councils.

Two vendors were shortlisted after the evaluation panel met at the end of October. The two will present to a panel at the end of this month, one will be chosen and negotiations are expected to be complete before Christmas.

Eight councils are taking part in the pilot which starts in March 2017.

To find out more contact Stephanie Lay who is leading this piece of work at


Building Consent Forms

It's exciting to report that seven councils are now using the new standardised application forms with many others expected to adopt them before the end of the year.

If you are yet to implement the forms and need additional help, please contact us. You can also look at the different Councils who have adopted the forms to find inspiration, there are a couple of options to do this, one you can link straight to the toolbox page and the other is to link to the form itself. We have done a lot of work to incorporate feedback and we will continue to improve the forms as we progress, a few examples of the forms in use can be found below.

Hutt City Council

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

South Taranaki District Council

It is important to note that the links for the forms will not change if a new version is created, your web teams will more than likely want to know this to ensure minimal maintenance from their end.

We are now up to version 1.4 for the Building Consent application form, and other forms have also been updated and new versions are available via the GoShift web page Apply Online

The changes have been guidance on the form and improvements to the way the forms are used, we expect to do more changes to improve the use as we progress.


The processing and inspections checklists are an important part of the project and we are still working on these as and when time is available, we are also looking at the inspections part of the project with other clusters to ensure consistency is wider than just the GoShift group. Waimakariri DC for example has a “let’s get it right” booklet and Auckland have done a series of videos around best practice for inspections.

We want to be able to take these learnings and incorporate into what we are doing, or simply pick up what has been done and use it (there is no need to reinvent the wheel)

Waimakariri "let's get it right"


Ross McCarthy, GoShift's Strategic and Engagement Manager, was part of a meeting with representatives from councils working in clusters around the country, last month

Hosted by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the meeting was the first time representatives from all the clusters had met in person. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about the work the various clusters have underway and look at where knowledge and expertise can be shared.


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