February 2018 update

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This is our first monthly update for 2018 and we're excited about what the year ahead will bring. This update is a summary of what's happening at the moment but, as always, don't hesitate to contact one of the team if you would like more information about any aspect of GoShift. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with you this year. 

Online service

We're delighted to let you know that Kapiti District Council is officially launching the online service to all its customers at the beginning of March. Kapiti was one of our eight pilot councils but had only offered the service to a small number of customers during the pilot. 

As you are probably aware Nicki Stone finished at the end of last year. We're pleased to let you know that Stephanie Lay is now back on the project, part-time to begin with and then gradually increasing to full time over the coming months.  

We also have another full-time business analyst working with us. Brent Comis joined the MBIE team at the beginning of February. Prior to this he was working with Verifone NZ for three and a-half-years. Brent's immediate focus will be supporting the next group of councils to implement to the GoShift portal.  

The team is also working on a roadmap for the future of the portal. This will give us a clear picture of what is coming that we can communicate to all of you. A big part of the road map is connecting industry, including Councils (no matter the IT system), architects/designers, owners, builders and engineers. Watch this space as every Council will play a big part in how we become more connected and much more efficient at what we do. 

Ongoing improvements

We continue to improve the online service based on feedback from councils and customers.  

Changes being introduced at the end of the month are mainly focused on SRFIs and RFIs. They include: 

  • Allowing multiple invoices per submission 
  • File upload naming convention for both customers and councils 
  • Multiple file upload per RFI 
  • Printing of RFIs 
  • S/RFI widget and list for both customers and councils 
  • Customers can have S/RFI in draft state before submission of response 
  • Councils notes in review submission form section 
  • Ability for councils to reject a submission 

Once these changes have been made, councils and customers will be advised through an update on the portal. 


Development of processes for reg 7 is underway.  Processes for all other regs have been agreed by the Technical User Group.  All GoShift councils have been invited to provide feedback via Promapp the tool being used to develop the shared QMS. If you are unsure about how Promapp works please don't hesitate to get in touch with Kate at Kate.fox@wcc.govt.nz

Once the processes have been agreed by the Technical User Group they will be sent to MBIE and IANZ for approval. 

Western Bay of Plenty is currently using the GoShift QMS processes for all regs (except 7) in their QMS.  They had an IANZ assessment at the end of this month which will test the new processes. Well done Western Bay of Plenty for taking the opportunity to test what has been developed by all. This will provide us valuable information about what we need to do to refine the QMS ready for implementation. 

At the Technical User Group meeting held on 15 February, the group reviewed QMS content and discussed options for the future management of the QMS and associated functions such as quality audits, competency assessments and training. 

Since our last update, Ross and Chris Upton visited three lower South Island councils. 


In early March, Ross is running a webinar for NZIA. These attract upwards of 3,000 attendees and Ross is looking forward to spreading the GoShift word amongst the architecture community. 

Ross and Seth Campbell from MBIE will be visiting Auckland Council in March. 

SOGLM awards

GoShift has entered the SOGLM Local Government Excellence awards. Ross McCarthy will be attending the awards and GoShift also has a booth at the marketplace which is open before the awards dinner. If you’re attending the dinner, come and say hi, we’d love to see you. 

And, keep your fingers crossed that our success at the AGLIM awards will be repeated.