Building consistency through collaboration

Online Service

Our vision is for the online service to expand to:

  • other building consent-related application types

  • further building related services (such as Resource Consents)

  • more council compliance functions (such as alcohol licences).

Expanding to other services means creating services where they aren't provided online for Building Consent Authorities (BCAs). We aim to create partnerships with key industry leaders who already provide online services; and connect to these systems to provide a fully connected industry.

Working digitally forms the foundation of supporting workflow management and resource sharing across all councils using the portal.

Online Service - Case Studies

Saving time and effort at Rimu Architects

Submitting a building consent application to Wellington City Council used to be a slow process. You had to physically go down to the Council and hand it in at the counter, says David Don, Office Manager at Rimu Architects. Then it could take a week to get the documents to the building section of the Council.

Since Wellington City Council started using the Simpli portal, the situation has changed.

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The Quality Management System

Our vision is to bring alignment between Building Consent Authorities (BCAs).

Alignment will:

  • Improve customer service - providing a consistent experience across BCAs
  • Improve processes, through a collaborative approach to development
  • Reduce cost to BCAs
  • Provide an opportunity to share resources between BCAs
  • Enable a unified approach to accreditation across BCAs
  • Support the development of consolidated data standards