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Minor Variation Guidance

Understanding When a Change to an Approved Building Consent Qualifies as a Minor Variation

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This document provides guidance on when modifications or changes to an approved building consent can be considered a minor variation under Section 45A of the Building Act. It defines what constitutes a minor variation, provides examples, and outlines criteria for assessing whether a proposed change qualifies as a minor variation or requires a formal amendment to the building consent. The guidance aims to help owners, agents, and building consent authorities determine the appropriate process for making changes to approved building plans and specifications while ensuring compliance with the Building Code.
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External Escape Routes for Household Units

Updates to New Zealand's C/AS1 Compliance Requirements for Safe Egress in Residential Buildings

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The article discusses recent updates to the C/AS1 compliance document in New Zealand regarding external escape routes for residential buildings, particularly in situations where there are multiple dwellings on the same property. The updates aim to address concerns raised by fire authorities about occupant safety when escaping from one dwelling while another is on fire.
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New Building Product Information Regulations Explained 

Explore the intricacies of the recently implemented Building Product Information regulations, a crucial component of the Building Amendment Act 2021.

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This comprehensive guide delves into the specific products affected, the disclosure requirements for manufacturers and importers, responsibilities for wholesalers and retailers, and the impact on building consent authorities, architects, designers, tradespeople, and consumers. Discover how these regulations aim to enhance transparency, reduce delays, and contribute to the construction of safer, more durable buildings.
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Katerina Solomona and Consentium Join Simpli Board

A Strategic Move Towards Excellence and Innovation in Building Control

Simpli appoints Katerina Solomona, Quality Assurance Manager at Consentium, to its Board, signaling a commitment to excellence and innovation in building control. With over 15 years of experience, Katerina's strategic insights and leadership have been instrumental in Consentium's achievements, including national recognition and winning the Building Control Innovator of the Year Award in 2022.
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Sanitary Plumbing Requirements

Know about the new changes for E1, G12 & G13.

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MBIE has recently announced changes and improvements to the plumbing and drainage provisions of the building code. These updates cover newly added and revised acceptable solutions and verifications methods for E1 Surface Water, G12 Water supplies and G13 Foul Water.  
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Interconnected Smoke Alarms

What to know about the new Type 1 Fire Safety system

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Amid efforts to improve the safety of people from fire, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has announced new versions and substantial revisions to their acceptable solutions C/AS1, C/AS2, F7/AS1 and verification method C/VM2. These changes will have a 12-month transition period before coming into full effect on November 1st, 2024.
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Have your say on the future of building consenting

MBIE Seeks Your Input on Modernising Building Regulations

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Government initiates a comprehensive review of the building consent system, inviting public feedback to modernise regulations and ensure durable, safe, and well-made buildings.
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